About Us

Welcome and Mission

Thank you for considering our funeral home and bereavement center among the competition. We will strive to be a big corporate business with the mindset of the family owned business. Below are our key components while we serve you.

  • We are a Veteran family owned establishment against the corporate competition of Scanio-Harper, Harper-Talasek and Crawford-Bowers.

  • To be competitively priced and transparent in our pricing.

  • Our team procures Death Certificates quickly, in most cases within the first several days of the Doctor’s signature.  Death Certificates have been delayed from shipping due to Covid-19.

  • Our family arrangements are not emphasized by sales pitches or "bait and switch" during a high emotional time.  As service experts we believe in making you the most educated consumer that we can, you should only pay for what you want, and you will not feel any pressure to overspend.  Your loved one stays in our care within Temple.  Not transported out of city limits like our competitors.

  • We give back by supporting numerous charitable and local non-profit organizations through generous donations and volunteerism.

  • Offer you a personal assistant approach to your service.  Making sure your representative hand holds you through your grief journey.

  • We are technology experts!  Our website is optimized to allow your loved one’s obituary to be found online within approximately 30 minutes of their posting.  We encourage the use of online tributes and social media.  Our Kaverly Chapel and Community Rooms features interactive walls to play family tribute videos, legacy videos, home movies, DVD’s, Quicktime, YouTube videos, power point, and we can download any song you want from iTunes.

  • Our focus is an everlasting friendship and partnership to our families and community.

  • Accepting transferred pre-arranged policies, life insurance policies, checks (with validation from banks), lending USA.com (loans) , fundraisers, cash, and all major credit cards (with fee acceptances)

  • The balance due is payable at the time of conclusion of the arrangement process.

  • We do not extend credit, nor wait on estates to be probated.  If this agreement is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, the buyer(s) agree to pay the attorney fees and all other legal and court fees associated with the collection of this account.  

  • We will assist with “time needed” for payment completion.  We do this by working with families to fundraise through our facility and community partners.

  • We are confident you will find one or a combination of the following options that best suits your individual circumstances and needs. Cash- Paypal- Cash App- Venmo- Bank Checks - Debit Card - Visa - Mastercard- Discover- PreNeed Transfer-Verifiable Life Insurance Assignments (with applicable fees by company or third party processing fees)- Lendingusa.com (Any cards/chips/webs/apps to be processed will incur a 3.5% processing fee)- Crowdfunding using in Lieu of flowers.