Caskets and Vaults Explained


Our funeral home is pleased to offer a variety of caskets.  The quality and selection of our products is exceptional.

This page will describe some of the specific features of a casket to better help you understand some of the terms that are used.  In our area and the Southern portion of the United States, all caskets are in half couch style.

Swing-Bar is the bar where the pallbearers hold the casket if it is a swing-bar then it moves to adjust for their hands vs. a stationary bar that is fixed to the casket and doesn't move.

Interior types: are Crepe, Satin, and Velvet.  The colors are pre-manufactured to each casket, if you would like to special order a selection it typically takes 3-4 extra business days.

Casket Panel- This is an opportunity to personalize the casket panel once the casket it opened with pictures, letters, or embroidery options.

Gasketed vs. Non-Gasketed is the way the casket locks/closes for its protection.  The casket will have a cranking mechanism that locks at the foot-end of the casket.  Where a non-gasketed casket has a clip down latch mechanism which clips on the front side(s) of the head and foot panels.

Coffin shape, Urn shape and Square shaped caskets- this is the design of the corners offering a rounded shape which is noted as an urn shape, or if it has a 90 degree edge that is a square shape.

We at Young's Daughters carry both along with the Coffin shape upon request. We strive to serve all religions, denominations and walks of faith by providing  Jewish caskets, Wicker caskets, Shrouds and Green Burial caskets.

About Burial Vaults

The Way Clark Vault Seals Work

We have partnered with a Clark supplier for your easement.  They have been around since 1898,  and are based out of Columbus, Ohio.  Clark Grave Vault has manufactured a complete line of the highest quality metal burial vaults in the world.  Today's product line consists of Burial vaults, Urn vaults, and Grave liners.  They currently manufacture products in a variety of materials and finishes including steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and solid copper.  Clark Vaults are also double-welded inside and out for added strength, rigidity and overall longevity.


In most areas of the country, state, or local law does not require that you buy a container to surround the casket in the grave.   However, many cemeteries require that you have such a container so that the grave will not sink in.   Either a grave liner or burial vault will satisfy these requirements.Our Funeral Home makes no representations or warranties regarding outer burial containers.  The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in connection with goods sold with this funeral service are the express written warranties, if any extended by the manufacturers thereof.  No other warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are extended by the seller.