Pet Services

Our family takes pride as being pet parents to Jazzlyn and Zephyer.
Jazzlyn is a Cane Corso.
Zephyr is a Shorkie.
We understand the importance of having closure, compassion and a funeral experience to celebrate our pets legacy. No matter how big, or small they always leave the biggest voids.
We would like thank you for considering us for celebrating your pets life. Our services will be explained in the choice tab you select.
Pet Form
Arranging for a pet funeral takes a dedicated parent and an understanding Pet Funeral Director. We believe we offer personalized services tailored to meet your needs. Please fill out the informational request to get your pet services pre-planned.
One of our Pet Directors will be calling you within 24 hours to plan.
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4. Memorial Products

pictures of urns, caskets, keepsakes pictures

5. For Veterinarians

We are honored that you are considering partnering with us to enhance your services. We strive to make it easy, effective and in some cases even profitable for you. We do this through the listed items:
  • Offering "new services" for your families at your facility
    • Pet Funeral Director
    • Coordinates Pickup Care 24/7/365
    • Printed Pet Death Certificate(s)
  • Free additional marketing
    • We will place your information on our website
    • Offer cost in printing materials
    • Community invites sent to you families for Pet Funerals.
    • Co-Host events in the community
  • Pet loss Bereavement cCasses- (aftercare programs)
    • Our Bereavement Cneter is constantly growing with support groups. Let us sign you up for our classes to share with your clinic
    • You can showcase the classes in partnership
  • Pet memorial services
    • We offer products to help memorialize the pets legacy.
  • Available to you 24/7/365 assigned Pet funeral director as an extra volunteer when needed.