Planning Ahead

Transferring Your Pre-Paid Funeral Policy Is Easy

Since opening our newest Funeral Home and Bereavement Center, I’ve been asked "If I already have a pre-need policy for my funeral and it was written somewhere else, can I transfer to Young's Daughters?" The simple answer is, YES!

We make it easy for you. That’s the beauty of having funeral insurance—it’s your policy to do with whatever you want, whenever you want.  We will review your policy with you to ensure your wishes will be carried out exactly the way you have designed.  We will also capture a video tribute at that time to offer a peaceful message to your family.  That’s the peace of mind we offer you.

We have a large Arrangement Team.   If you’d like to visit with us, please call or come by our Funeral Center.  We encourage pre-planning questions and discussions, whether you’re ready to make final decisions.

Whether you have chosen burial or cremation, we have caskets for your choosing that are just like the ones you may have specified (color, decoration, etc.).

If Military Honors are requested, all we need is the DD-214 form and we will take care of contacting the Veterans group for Military Honors at the service.

If cremation was your choice, we have our own Community rooms here for a private family gathering/viewing prior to the cremation process.  We have a large selection of cremation Urns, Jewelry and Keepsakes.

We encourage you to never be uncomfortable in talking with funeral professionals about specifying your wishes and pointing out what is guaranteed by your prefunded policy.  We will offer you a variety of paths and it is only up to you to decide.  Our goal it make you the best educated consumer we can.  This is the Young's Daughters difference that we’re proud of.

You never have to worry about hidden costs or pressures to overspend beyond your loved one’s policy.  We simply fulfill the plans that were made in their behalf and bring you peace of mind because of it.  If you have any questions at all or if you’d like to come in and talk to us about how we can know of your wishes for us to take care of your loved one when the time comes.  We’re here for you, and your family who relocates to the Central Texas area to be with you, at all times

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