About Us

Community Involvement

Whether you choose burial or cremation, a funeral service is an important part of honoring your loved one and starting the healing process. We offer service options that are meaningful and affordable.

Hug Booths

You will see our staff occasionally around town sponsoring our community events.  Set up under the big purple tent is our hug booth and if you are feeling like you could use a hug please don’t be shy, give it a try! Information on our Bereavement Center and Funeral Home can be found with a staff member.

The Young’s No Veteran Left behind Policy

It was brought to our attention that there are Veteran's in the Cemeteries that do not have a Veteran marker.  The Young family strives to make every effort to ensure that every Veteran will have a maker in Bell County.  Mr. and Mrs. Young are Veterans themselves and appreciate the opportunity to give back.  If you know of a Veteran that does not have a Headstone, emblem or a VA Marker at their graveside.  Please email the Cemetery name, Deceased name, Birthdate, Passing date if known, possible next of kin to contact to youngsdaughtersfuneralhome
subject: VA Marker

We will do our best to work with the family if available or if no family is available to our State Rep to ensure placement of a marker.

Compassionate Friends Bluebonnet Chapter

In 2017 Mrs. Young was the founding board member of the Compassionate Friends Bluebonnet Chapter which is grief meetings for parents who have lost children and siblings who has lost siblings.  They meet once a month at 7:00 pm.  A comfort newsletter is given out monthly.  Please email youngsdaughtersfuneralhome@gmail.com to subscribe to the online issue.

Grief Meetings

Held once a month at the Bereavement Center covering various topics of grief.  We have guest speakers come to educate, families share their grief story and we are staffed with excellent listeners for you to share your grief journey.

Meeting times will be disclosed upon calling the funeral home at 254-401-1302

Veteran Service Officer of Vfw Post #1820

Mrs. Young serves and educates yearly on Military Veteran benefits and families benefits.

You will see her written publications in the Bell Ringer to bring awareness to Presidential Certificate, claims requests, pre-burial registrations, Congressional recognitions, Advance Directives, JAG, educational and health benefits. She advocates for her families with Burial Reimbursement Program, Vocational Rehabilitation Program, service connected disability for widows benefits. Being a small business owner she supports Veteran Owned Business partnerships for Bell County.

If you need information or support call Sabrina Young. (254) 401-1302.

S.P. J. S.T.

We partner with our local youth lodge #47 of Seaton, TX to educate and promote children activities and grief coping techniques of all ages.  You will see Mrs. Young's publications in the Vestnick of her "Good Grief" News articles.

Veterans Day Ceremonies

Every year in November in honor of Veterans Day, Young's Daughters is called to host a commencement for Moffat Cemetery and Seaton Cemetery.  The ceremonies include honoring Veterans in attendance and those buried in the cemeteries.  If you are a cemetery and would like to invite this ceremony to your cemetery for Veteran's Day or Memorial Day please contact us at youngsdaughtersfuneralhome@gmail.com.

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Our Funeral Home appreciates all our mother's who are here today or gone yesterday.  We host a contest with one winner, through our Facebook page you can give a testimony on why your mother is the BEST as they all are. We will place a dozen of roses at her gravesite or deliver them to her home!

Father's Day Ceremony

Our Funeral Home appreciates all our father's who are here today or gone yesterday.  We host a contest, with one winner, through our Facebook page you can give a testimony on why your father is the best, or your personal hero. We will place a wreath at the graveside or deliver it to his home.

Balloon Release for Children

Our community loses so many children.  We have to take the time to remember them. Through this small ceremony we provide a balloon for the donation of a $1.00.  As we gather a prayer is given, a poem is read and balloons are released.  For this moment in time they are not forgotten.  Please come out and support this remembrance ceremony.

Clergy Appreciation Day

Clergy work so diligently to ease people during their grief journeys.  We have been referred by many of the local pastors who believe our bereavement center is resourceful to the community.  We enjoy showing our appreciation to them with a Video Tribute from our staff to be given to the Church or Pastor. You will also see social media posts and pictures on our webpage showing our gratitude.

National Day of Prayer

We be hosting National Day of Prayer yearly and on May 2nd with an 11:45 a.m. a presentation on Main and Central streets near the water fountain our Young’s Daughters will be giving prayers for our City Counsel and Nations Governments.  

Also a 7:00 p.m. gathering will be at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas.  We have graciously accepted to give the National Prayer for businesses.

The Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos)

A community alter will be set up October 31st, through November 2nd for everyone to place their pictures, momentos, food and water at the table for our Ancestors that have gone before us.

A Walk to Remember

A community walk is hosted by Young’s Daughters Funeral Home and Bereavement Center to place signs all through out a park trail in Temple with a loved ones picture and name.  It will be placed all weekend long.  Each sign is $30.00 please provide a good photo, name, and a message or bio to be placed on the sign along the walk way.

Memorial Tree Program with City of Temples Parks and Recs

Our Temple Parks and Rec has a program that Young’s Daughters Sponsors which plants a tree picked out by the family and places a plaque near a tree of your loved ones name.  This tree is placed at one of the parks of your choice.  As a group you and your Funeral Director can go out and see the planting services in honor of your loved ones legacy.

Death Cafes

Our Death Cafes will allow individuals to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings around death and dying.  We will come together to consider each of our opinions and experiences in order to be more open to this natural process and embrace our lives going forward. Initially, this will be a cafe style meeting hosted throughout the Central Texas coffee shops to include but not limited to: Meg's Cafe and Peggy's Coffee House. Each will introduce themselves and, if desired, share their feelings or ideas on the topic.  We will let the discussion move freely from the feelings and observations expressed.  If the group grows beyond 8-10 people, we will break into smaller groups and follow the same process.